Multi tonal hair color has already become the most popular coloring trend and it will never go out of the fashion. It is much more interesting to wear multi tonal color than simple one tone hairstyle. The versatility of highlights and coloring techniques will never make you get bored. Indeed there are so many smashing and bold color combos that it will be simply impossible to mention all of them so at this time I want to show you stylish lowlights that are among the hottest highlights hairstyles.

Dark Roots Hair Styles01Lowlights

How does lowlights really look? You may first say that lowlights is simply grown out hair with dark roots. You are partially right. May be stylists created lowlights on that prototype and as a result we have got so natural and stylish design. Lowlights can be created on virtually all hair colors. The key detail here is base tone. Depending on natural hair there are two ways to create lowlights.

Dark Roots Hair Styles03new Lowlights

If you have dark hair it means you should bleach the edges. The color of highlighting should be two tones lighter than the base tone. When coloring hair transition from lighter to darker should be barely seen for maximum natural look. Pro hair colorists surely know proper tricks to create flawless lowlights hairstyle so if you want to have perfect hairstyle you’d better stay away from experiments.

The owners of blonde hair should color the roots and leave the edges natural. Only small part of hair should be colored. Again transition is very important.

Dark Roots Hair Styles05Dark Roots Hair Styles07

Dark Roots Hair Styles06Dark Roots Hair Styles


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